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The troubleshooting guide contains information on how to setup the controller assignments and tips for fixing problems running the simulator software.

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Window 7 Issues on RC Planemaster

Some customers have been experiencing trouble installing RC Planemaster on Windows 7. If you are unable to use RC Planemaster on your Windows 7 machine please use the link below to download the patch.

Download Here



How do I download extras for RC Plane Master?

Visit our Free Downloads section on this site


How do I install the downloads for RC Plane Master?

If the code starts with '74PB' then it's a plane master code. You need to register under the plane master page. Typing the code incorrectly will also make it fail.


There are no instructions. How do I get help? Is there a manual?

For RC Plane Master open the help at Start->Programs->RC Plane Master->Manual.
For RC Flight Master eXtreme64 click on the question mark icon (?).


When I use my controller it moves erratically.

Recalibrate the controller. Go to the controller menu and select your controller. Then click Re-calibrate. Follow the instructions as they appear. For more information on setting up your controller check out the relevant section in the manual.


The controls move in the wrong direction.

Go to the controller menu and click on the toggle switch to reverse the channel on the axis concerned. For more information on setting up your controller check out the relevant section in the manual.


Only some of the sticks (axis) work on my controller.

Go to the controller menu and set up the axis correctly. To do this click on the bullets/dots to line up the axis with the correct function. Move the sticks to see the bars move. Please note, the numbers below the bars DO NOT correspond to the numbers on your radio receiver. For more information on setting up your controller check out the relevant section in the manual.


I have an interface I use for a different simulator. Will it work with your simulator?

Unlikely. Ones that will are:

FMS serial cable with 9600 baud rate.
Any cable that works as a Windows joystick and appears in Control Panel->Game Controllers.
FMS parallel cable with Windows 2000/XP ONLY.
RealFlight Interlink Plus (controller only, not transmitter adapter). You may need to unplug the controller and plug it back in whilst the PC is turned on for Windows to find it.

Onces that definitely won't are:

Any Ikaraus interface, e.g. Aerofly,easyFly, etc.
RealFlight transmitter interfaces
FMS serial cable with 19200 baud rate
Any parallel cable with Windows 95/98/Me


My USB interface cable won't work.

Is it a RealityCraft cable? See I have an interface I use for a different simulator...
If it is a RealityCraft cable:-
If using a JR transmitter, do not switch it on. Most JR transmitters will only work with simulators when switched OFF. Be sure to unplug the transmitter when finished to avoid draining the battery.
If using Windows 98, then you will need an original Windows 98 CD to install the USB driver.
Open the Windows game controllers panel at
Start-> Control Panel-> Printers and Other Hardware-> Game Controllers.
You should see the controller in the list. If not, then it is not plugged in or not working.
Run the simulator and go to the controller menu. Make sure the controller is plugged in and switched on (switched off if it's a JR radio). Click change controller and follow the instructions. Finally, connect the axis to the appropriate radio functions by clicking the bullets (dots). See the manual (help file) for more information on setting up your controller.


Some of the planes/gliders won't take off. They stay still on the ground.

That's because some don't have wheels. Press F9 or F10 to hand or catapult launch. Click on the keyboard icon and check out the manual to see what keys are available.


Do I have to put the CD in every time I run the program?

Yes. It is very common practice for entertainment/multimedia software. The alternative is to force people to buy high cost hardware (i.e. USB controller/interface) with the software.


I am downloading the free photo tool from your website. Internet Explorer shows a SECURITY WARNING. Is this software safe? Are you a publisher I can trust?

Yes. These seurity warning pop up all the time when downloading from the internet. As you have requested to download this item, and you have purchased the product, you can be sure the software is safe and has no viruses or spyware.


Can I use my *** transmitter with your USB interface?

Essentially, it works with ppm radios that have one the following buddy box (trainer socket) fittings:
3.5mm jack socket or a round 6 pin din socket.
Adapter is available for Sanwa/Airtronics 5 pin din socket.
Adapter is available for Futaba 6 pin square socket (new type).
Examples of radios that are compatible (this is not a full list as specifications are complex and changing all the time):
JR ppm radios: 3.5mm Mono Jack, Quattro, F400, F400EX, XF421EX, XF622, XF631, XP642, XP652, XP662, XP783, XP8103, X2610, 10 Series
Hitec ppm radios: round 6 pin din, Focus 4, Focus 6, Laser 4, Laser 6, Flash 4, 4X, 5, 5X, Prism 7, 7X, Eclipse 7
Futaba ppm radios: Conquest FM, FG FM, 4VF, 6VA, 6VH, 6DA, 6YF, 6YG, 6XA, 6XAs, 6XH, 6XHs, 7U, 8U, 9Z
Tower Hobbies: System 3000 4FM, 6FM
Cirrus: 900FM
With Sanwa 5 pin adapter:
Sanwa/Airtronics: Radiant RD6P, RD6H, RD6000 Series, Vanguard Series, VG4R, VG6DR, VG6H, VG400, VG600
With Futaba square adapter:
Futaba: 9, 9C, 6EXA
Other compatible USB cables with more fittings and further information is available from,,


I get an error similar to '16-bit subsystem error. Could not run application'.

This occurs when a file in your Windows installation has become missing or damaged. To fix the problem you will need your Windows operating system CD and to follow the instructions provided by Microsoft's help page:;en-us;324767


I have lost objects from landscapes the rings that you can fly through in chase mode...also items are missing from other landscapes.

Click on the spanner in the program to edit the graphics options and switch terrain objects back on.


On my screen, the models appear in monochrone only, not as the illustrations on the packaging and website. Also, the backgrounds are very plain, in colour but with no real detail, i.e., clouds and trees appear just as plain coloured squares.

You will need to update their graphics drivers.Please check that they have enough graphics memory. Also, try reducing the graphics options (uses less video memory).


Every time I restart the program, I have to readjust graphics setings, and recalibrate the controls to Mode 1.

All settings are saved when you exit the program. If it doesn't exit properly, they won't save.
Run the program, change the settings, then exit using the X icons on the screen. All settings are stored in the Windows registry, so make sure there are no security measures active on the PC that may prevent a program from writing to the registry.


Also check out our channel assignment instructions here.


Click the link below to download and start the remote support session:

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