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Download Version 2.05 Installation Instructions
NOTE: This is for download customers only. It will conflict with an installation from CD.
1) Click link above and 'Save'.
2) Double click the downloaded file.
3) Follow the onscreen instructions.

Parallel Interface Update Only needed for parallel transmitter interface.  Requires Version 2.05 to already be installed.  For Windows 2000 / XP Only.

Installation Instructions:
Please follow these steps exactly.
1) Download the airplane or landscape you want.
2) Double click on the downloaded file.

Aircraft on CD version BellX1, EasyGlide, Edge, Gambit, Magic Butterfly, Me109, Mig-17, P38-Lightning, Spitfire, Trainer-3-Channel, Trainer-4-Channel, YankeeBiplane.
Extra Aircraft Aero-slick, Aggressor, Easy-3, WelshFun, Swift, SuperSlick, Rock-Wing, Piper-J3-Cub, Eurofighter, TearDrop
Landscapes on CD version GrassyBowl, GrassyHorseshoe, MuddyHole, MuddyVolcano.
Extra Landscapes Lonely-Mountains, FlatLand

RC FlightMaster Downloads

Installation Instructions Installing add-ons and updates is easy.  Click on the links to download the required file.  Then double click on the downloaded file.
Updates Update 1.
Updates lighting and water effects. (~0.1MB)

Photo Tool.
Easy to use importer to include your own photo scenes. (~1.3MB)


Xtra Aircraft Hughes-200
Xtra Photo Scene Snowfield

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