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RealityCraft Limited is a professional software development company based in Wales, UK, specialising in highly advanced simulation software technology.  Since the release of our debut product RC PlaneMASTER in 2003, our software has been a godsend to thousands of budding radio control pilots the world over.

RealityCraft's growing reputation in the radio control market has helped us build a close relationship with CML Distribution in the UK.  Recent deals with CML have provided us with the capability to concentrate on what we excel at - Software Development.

CML DistributionResponding to our customers requests to have a chance of flying and competing online with other users, we have more recently branched out into online gaming with our latest product, Dogfight RC.  This new generation of products offers our customers a unique experience and the creation of an online community that is affordable to everyone.


Our mission is to become one of the worlds foremost names in bringing advanced simulation software technology to the masses and into the realms of affordability.  Although our current products are based on small scale model flight simulations our personal interests are much wider, ranging from simulation based design tools to advanced multimedia systems. 

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